How much does an escort cost? Rates for our Las Vegas Escorts

Rates vary from $500 – $1200. We are open 24 hours a day / 7 Days a Week / 365 days a year.

If you are looking for a gorgeous, upscale lady for dinner, a night on the town, entertainment for your bachelor party, your own private encounter at home,
or if you’re looking for a travel companion overnight or for a weekend:

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So now that you’ve called a Las Vegas Escort to come to your room – what’s next? A gorgeous, sexy girl shows up at your door and her body has you stuttering your words and thinking how you’re going to last the whole hour. A top of all that nervousness, you know that there will soon be that awkward moment where you will discuss with the Escort her pricing; you’re not alone! The Las Vegas Escort standing in your room right now is just as nervous about talking about price as you are! She doesn’t want to insult you or sell herself short – so what does she do? Experienced Las Vegas Escorts typically work independently and therefore have the option be as open-minded as they want with regard to your requests. However, in the same sense, this also means that they have the ability to set their own prices and terms for their entertainment provided. So what does this mean for you? If you act like a gentleman to the Escort and enable her to feel comfortable – she will take that into heavy consideration when determining the price and services she is about to make available to you.

When your hot Las Vegas Escort comes directly to your room, they may not feel comfortable to talk freely with you, right away, about their prices and services offered. Remember, Las Vegas Escorts do this every day, they will want to feel you out first and make sure that you’re not playing games with them and see if you will be satisfied with her offered services. Being polite and discerning from the beginning with help you score points with a Las Vegas Escort. This will enable her to feel comfortable with you – which means that YOU are one step closer to having all of your fantasies fulfilled with an escort. The escort will always be more open minded with someone they’re enjoying their time spent with.

Have the money previously agreed to already waiting for her upon her arrival. This is will prove to your gorgeous Las Vegas Escort that you mean business and that you’re not there to play games! It will also help with less talking and more partying!!! When your Las Vegas Escort arrives, keep in mind that she is working! So in order to have the ultimate Las Vegas Escort Experience, enable her to have fun at her job!! Don’t you work harder when you’re having fun at work? ;]

You will never be completely surprised when the sexy Las Vegas Escort is discussing her fees with you because although Las Vegas Escorts have the freedom to set their own prices and the types of services they provide; most professional and gorgeous escorts have an average price they quote you over the phone before meeting so that neither herself or you waste each other’s time. The average price of a Las Vegas Escort is usually around $300-$400. However, keep in mind that each Escort sets her own prices so they will differ from escort to escort. How can you use an Escort’s price to your advantage? Escorts with higher prices most likely have more experience; higher skill and they’re also among the most beautiful escorts. Price will also differ depending on the time of day, week, month, or year. The rule of supply and demand does not fall short with regard to escorts. If you’re in town for Las Vegas Convention be prepared for the rates to be higher than normal. Las Vegas Escorts love Conventions because their demand goes up; and therefore their prices. Even though you may want to limit your budget for your Las Vegas Escort – be suspicious of cheap escorts in Las Vegas, or prices that are too low compared to the mean. Most things that seem too good to be true – usually are, especially in Las Vegas.
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